• You give it a list of your experiences
  • You give it a list of what's required in the job ad.
  • You select those of your experiences which are relevant to the job.
  • It can also select them automatically for you.
  • You export your resume in docx format and send it to the employer.
  • But that's not all...

    CVAssistant is much more

    Artificial Intelligence

    Here artificial inteligence comes to help you. You must have lots of different experiences. Like desiging and photo shooting. When you apply for a company where they need a designer you should not talk a lot about your photo shooting skills. Similarly when they are looking for someone who shoots photos you should sammarize your desigining skills and allocate space in your resume to your photo shooting experties. This makes resume writing a painful and time consuming job while you are on your savings and you have limited time. I fully understand this. So here's the solution:
    You give the software all your skills and experiences and based on each job, you select those which are relevant by just clicking them and you export the resume with 1 click!

    Smart Text Prossing

    Moreover, You give it similar words in your profession like "fixing" and "repairing" or "Desigining" and "Drawing" and based on what's on the job advertisement, it replaces relevant terms for you. for example assume they asked for someone who knows "Office software" and you have "Professional in using office applications". You have told the software that "Office applications" and "Office software" are equal phrases so when you want to generate the resume it asks you if it can replace the first with the second which is exactly like that in the advertisement! You can define unlimited groups of similar terms and abreviations!

    Your language is supported

    Write your resume in your language. The only part that remains in English are template phrases like "Skills", "Work Experiences", etc. You can give them a translation yourself. The software will then use this translation when exporting resume file.

    Helps you to help yourself

    It also keeps track of your job applications so you can be prepaired when one of them calls you. It also reminds you when a job application needs a follow up. It can export a list of all the jobs you have applied so far (Some insurance companies ask for it to know you're looking). In one word: Job seeking from A to Z! Whatever I found necessary when I was looking for a job, I developed it as a feature inside this software.

    It contains all you need when you are looking for a job... Good luck!

    Why all this
    for free?

    Once upon a time I was looking for a job and had limited time. I applied a lot by simply sending the same resume to everyone and received no calls at all until I found that I need to make specially summarized resumes for each job I apply. I found it time consuming to write a resume per each job application so I wrote this software, started to generate resume files with it and voila! Found a job within 2 weeks. After that I shared the software online to help others.

    If you found the software helpful, of course you can make some
    donation via .

    Thousands of people

    Thousands of hunting stories

    Thousands of people have downloaded this software so far and I'm proud of that.

    Download CVAssistant

    It takes a lot of time and effort to write a software. I will be more than happy if you find a job using this. If you found it usefull, please consider making a donation.

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